Training is an important part of delivering value to our Clients as well increasing your competitiveness as a REALTOR®. I have found that the broadcast classes offered by TAR have helped me greatly – ZIPforms, Appraisals & CMA’s, and getting GRI certification. Great instructors and good interaction with other Realtors in my Association, as well as other locations, made the training very worthwhile. Also helpful to gain additional contacts for consulation about unique situations as well as access to best practices, reference material and resources.
—Jack Browne

I too have found that the broadcast classes offered by TAR have been very helpful and beneficial to me and my career. However, I also enjoy the physical presence and interaction with other Realtors on location. I truly have enjoyed attending all your trainings. Thank you!
—Dee Nieto

It was a pleasant surprise to learn in a broadcast class. I don’t feel that I missed anything and in fact, possibly learned even more. It was very personal, all questions addressed and even more perspective from the others in the class. So convenient, too!
—Mary Jane Emmett Windle

The broadcast classes have been wonderful especially interacting with the instructor and other locations.
—Melinda Randall

I have really enjoyed my broadcast classes! All the instructors bring a unique perspective. Since I have started taking classes my business has improved and I have made valuable contacts. Additionally, they are very convenient and a nice confidence boost! Tiffany Peralez be sure to sign up for this group and more classes!
—Craig Grove

Have taken several broadcast classes and have never been disappointed
—Brenda Corbitt Pitts Stagily

Broadcast classes are so convenient and you get the benefit of many student questions from many regions. I have taken GRI class and have loved them.
—Agustin Azua Jr.

I took the GRI brokerage [broadcast class]. It saves time and money having to travel.
—Ida M. Parker

Just like being in class in person. Love comments and interaction with all who attend! Want to see more … Legal would be great addition.
—Nan-Elizabeth Byorum